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  • U編不負責料理實驗室:蘆筍炒蔬食

    今天U編要來炒蘆筍吃~蘆筍特價一綑$2 蘆筍的三大作用: 蘆筍除了可抗癌之外還有其他三項作用。 1. 清熱利尿:蘆筍在中醫屬性味甘寒,春季感覺口乾、煩熱等現象吃蘆筍可緩解。蘆筍所含的天門冬素有利尿作用,能排除體內多餘的水分,有利排毒。患有高血壓的人多吃蘆筍有益。 2. 促進胎兒大腦發育:葉酸是胎兒腦部和脊柱發育所必須的營養素,蘆筍葉酸含量較多,懷孕婦女食用蘆筍補充葉酸,有助於胎兒大腦發育。 3. 食療:蘆筍含人體九種必需胺基酸,其中所含的天門冬醯胺酸,在體內氮的代謝作用中,有良好的消除疲勞功效。 經常食用蘆筍還可降低血壓、改善心血管功能、增進食慾、提高機體代謝能力、提高免疫力等,是一種高營養保健蔬菜。 材料: 蘆筍 彩椒 菇菇 醬料: 鹽巴 醬油 簡簡單單,五分鐘完成了健康又美味的蘆筍炒蔬食!

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  • About Us | U-GOFRESH

    U-GOFRESH provided the best fresh produce and Asian products. Deliver to your Door. About Us ​ U-gofresh is a farm that located in Chino, Southern California.Our team consisting of 3 Taiwanese farmers in the United States ,mainly grows Taiwanese Moap and chayote leaves . We also provide different produce by local farmers to help them sell agricultural products .U-gofresh is always happy to help local farmers who need help to sell their products. So far we have cooperated with more than 20 farms join us.

  • Thank You page | U-GOFRESH

    THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING WITH US! Your order will be shipped out shortly Any questions? Get in touch through our contact page

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